Alliege is a 9x FNCS qualifier currently competing in the NA-West region. He is a large personality and one of the top streamers in the region with nearly 1 million followers on twitch. As a bilingual streamer, he connects with both an English and Spanish community.

NPen is a well-known NAE Fortnite Pro based in the USA. With over $30k in earnings and tens of thousands of dollars won and donated to charity and with his 46 top 10 placements he has proven and continues to prove that he is a top contender in Fortnite for the past 3 years and continues to be in this season of 2022.

Pxmp is an America based Fortnite professional that competes in the NAE region currently sitting at 65th overall. Due to his consistent placements in FNCS and his cash cup top placements he is a dominant force in the Fortnite Competitive and Media scene.