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Jivi is a USA based competitive Fortnite Player who came from the content scene. With top 3 placements in Twitch Rivals Events and other notable third party tournament events as well as recent FNCS qualifications Jivi has proven that he is able to compete with top level players while maintaining a consistent content streaming schedule.

Playify is an USA based Fortnite player that competes predominantly in the NAE Region, though he has placed first in the Asian region solo events. So far in 2022 he is 55th overall in PR and placing 1st in the opening FNCS Qualifier at the start of May.

NPen is a well-known NAE Fortnite Pro based in the USA. With over $30k in earnings and tens of thousands of dollars won and donated to charity and with his 46 top 10 placements he has proven and continues to prove that he is a top contender in Fortnite for the past 3 years and continues to be in this season of 2022.

Gold is a Fortnite Professional who is USA based. He is an up and coming NAE pro with a 2022 ranking of 46th. Placing 7th, 19th, and 1st in the last 3 duo cash cups Gold is on the rise to becoming a top contender in the competitive scene.

Neeqo is a Canadian based Fortnite professional who has over 40 top 10s in Fortnite competitive events. With a top ranking of 60th and best FNCS placement of 24th Neeqo is one of Canada’s best Fortnite players.

Pxmp is an America based Fortnite professional that competes in the NAE region currently sitting at 65th overall. Due to his consistent placements in FNCS and his cash cup top placements he is a dominant force in the Fortnite Competitive and Media scene.

Plege is an east coast based Fortnite player that competes in the NAE region. He has placed top 25 in all of the last 3 FNCS with a best placement of 3rd. With a Lifetime PR ranking of 61st he is a well-established pro who continues to perform.

Death is a Fortnite Professional Player who is USA based. Being a 2x cash cup winner, 2x grands qualifier, and ranked 39th NAE for 2022 Death is a strong contender in the comp scene.